Zach Gross encapsulate his subjects’ work, unique personalities and worldview in his eloquent portraits. Gross’s imagery is simultaneously theatrical and natural. He expresses his subjects’ creative selves without pretense or posturing.

Gross’s own distinctive vision is sharp, worldly and poetic. When working with subjects ranging from politician, Nancy Pelosi to artist, Leandro Erlich and playwright, Annie Baker, Gross incorporates aspects of their public identities and creative processes into his portraits. His subjects’ thoughtfulness, ideals and insights are evident in Gross’s images, which manage to merge peoples’ interior lives with their public accomplishments.

Accordingly, he contributes to such challenging publications as: Atlas Obscura, CNN, Fast Company, Flaunt, Juxtapoz, The New Republic, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Town & Country, Vice and Vogue. In addition to being a regular in these creative print venues, Gross exhibited work at the Hudson Opera House and Salomon Gallery. In 2012, his charismatic portrait of rapper El-P was featured alongside work by and Roe Ethridge, Alec Soth, and Kehinde Wiley in The New Yorker’s annual showcase of its best images. Throughout his evolving oeuvre, Gross’s work remains a collaboration between himself and his subjects: compatibly creative and contemplative figures.

-Ana Finel Honigman

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