Bridges 2013 - 2018

This work explores the evolution of perception and how our relationship to the unknown is shaped through human created structures, signs and systems. Each photograph is part of an externalized set of personal symbols.

People’s perceptions are shaped by so many influences; family, culture, education, environment, race, age, genes. We develop a map of how we experience and expect life to be, on many levels. By reflecting on this work with an open mind and letting the work resonate on a subtle level my hope is for a deeper connection to the understanding that external reality is a collaboration with our internal projections.

The more we are open and recognize natural processes, the more we can connect to how reality really is. But first we have to be open to something new. These images were created by embracing the unknown and letting deeper levels of my conscious awareness draw themselves to external compositions that express archetypal elements of human experience.

This process has played a fundamental role in evolving my relationship to the unknown and embrace a more dynamic perceptual architecture that has expanded my awareness.

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